Wing Chun Freestyle

What is Wing Chun?
A direct and effective martial art based on:
– Simultaneous blocking and attacking
– Straight line punches and low kicks
– Deflection rather than force
– Relaxation and reaction
– Fast multiple attacks

What are the main benefits?
Wing Chun can:
– Reduce stress
– Improve fitness
– Improve reflexes
– Improve confidence
– Promote comradeship

When and where do you train?
Mondays from 7pm to 9pm
Holy Cross Church Hall
Skellingthorpe Road
Lincoln LN6 7RB

How much does it cost?
– £6 per two hour class (pay as you train, no monthly fee)
– £10 annual insurance

What is the class format?
A typical class comprises:
– Warm up
– Techniques
– Chi sau (reactive training)
– Pad work
– Forms
– Sparring

Are there any age restrictions?
Yes, adult class for ages 18 and over

Can I watch before deciding whether to start?
Yes, however it is recommended that you join in to get a real appreciation

Do I need to have a high fitness level or previous martial arts experience?
No, training is tailored to suit individuals

Can I start anytime?
Yes, new students are always welcome

What should I wear?
T-shirt, jogging bottoms and trainers. Longer term, optional club T-shirts and other garments are available

Is any equipment needed?
A towel and bottle of water are recommended. The club provides the bulk of the training equipment. Longer term, personal equipment will be recommended

Other useful information
For your first class, please arrive a little earlier so the instructor can register you. You will need to fill in a form covering points such as medical conditions that could be affected by training. If you are in any doubt about this, please consult your doctor first